Making Lemonade Out of Lemons: A Guide to Google’s GBP Update

What’s happening: The Google Business Profile (GBP), previously known as Google My Business, is a tool that helps businesses track their online presence, much like a lemonade stand owner tracks their sales and customer interactions in a notebook. But some businesses have been noticing their “notebook entries” looking different and are questioning why.

The changes: Google has changed the way businesses track interactions with their profiles. Previously, multiple interactions from the same person were counted as separate entries. Now, Google is simplifying the process by counting multiple interactions from the same person as a single entry, focusing on unique visitors rather than repeat visits.

What’s in, what’s out: The new GBP still includes essentials like searches and map views. However, it has removed certain metrics like photo views. Plus, it now allows businesses to note down the reasons customers engage with their profiles.

Why it matters: While the changes may make the numbers look different, they offer a more focused, simplified view of customer interactions. Businesses can still use the tool to track their online presence and get insights into their customers.

The bottom line: The GBP notebook may look a bit different, but it still serves its purpose of helping businesses understand their online audience better. Just like a lemonade stand owner tracks sales and interactions, businesses can use GBP to keep an eye on their digital presence. Cheers to keeping things simple and clear!

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Alright, let’s try to cut through the jargon and understand this whole Google Business Profile (GBP) situation, shall we?

Imagine you have a lemonade stand on your street. Every day, kids and adults come by, some look at your stand, some ask for the price, and some buy a glass of lemonade. Now, imagine if someone gave you a little notebook where you could jot down some important stuff: like how many people walked by, how many stopped to chat, and how many bought your lemonade. Cool, right? That’s what the Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business) is – but for your practice online.

Recently, some folks (maybe even you!) have noticed that their notebook entries look a bit… off. They’re wondering, “Why are fewer people checking out my lemonade stand?”

First off, no need to panic. The notebook hasn’t gone haywire. The people who gave you the notebook (that’s Google) just changed the way you jot things down. They claim it’s for the better.

Here’s the gist:

Your old notebook (or GBP Insights) used to count every little thing. If Timmy walked by your stand in the morning, then again in the afternoon, and once more in the evening, you’d note it down three times. But now, Google’s saying, “Hey, let’s keep it simple. If Timmy checks out your stand three times in one day, just jot it down as one visit.” It’s like they’re more interested in unique visitors than repeat footfalls.

So, even if it seems like fewer people are coming by, it’s not really the case. We’re just counting differently.

Now, some things in our notebook have been crossed out (like views of certain photos). But the essentials are still there, like people looking up your stand on a map or searching for it online.

And guess what? The new notebook now even has a section where you can note down the exact words or reasons people came by your stand. Maybe they heard you have the best lemonade in town or they were just thirsty. It’s pretty neat to know, right?

To sum up: The notebook’s gotten a bit of an upgrade. Things might look a bit different, but at its core, it’s still helping you understand your lemonade stand (or practice) better. Just remember, it’s all about keeping things simple and clear. Cheers!

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